Low back pain is one of the most common complaints we see as chiropractors. It is estimated that 3.7 Million Australians suffer from back pain. Overall, 70%-90% of Australians will experience back pain or sciatica at some stage in their life.

Back pain can present in many different ways. The pain commonly consists of a dull ache, muscle soreness, shooting pain down the leg (sciatica), stiffness, locking and limited range of motion.


Back pain and sciatica have many causes and no two cases are the same. However, here are some of the common causes:

  • Poor Posture
  • Inactivity 
  • Prolonged Sitting
  • Trauma
  • Repetitive Poor Movement
  • Overuse
  • Poor Lifting Technique
  • Sports Injuries
  • Underlying Disease or Pathology

Once other potential more serious problems have been ruled out, we find the most common cause of back pain is mechanical in nature. If the bones of your spine are not aligned well or your posture is poor, this musculoskeletal imbalance can place pressure on the bones, ligaments, muscles, discs and nerves surrounding the low back.

These imbalances can create patterns of pain and dysfunction in the low back region.


At Proactive Health Chiropractic we take a holistic approach to helping you. Assessing your entire body, rather than just looking at your back in isolation.

In conjunction with our chiropractic adjustments we also provide you with ergonomic, nutritional and exercise advice to help prevent the problem from returning in the future. 

We are committed to helping people of all ages and body types experience a life free from pain and dysfunction. 

Our method of adjusting focuses on assessing and improving your posture. Your posture is your spinal alignment, or, how well your spinal bones balance. 

By ensuring your spine has great alignment it helps to remove the musculoskeletal imbalances often responsible for causing pain and dysfunction.


Our chiropractic method, Advanced Bio- Correction, focuses on improving posture and spinal alignment.

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