At Proactive Health Chiropractic, we are all about being PROACTIVE and preventing problems from occurring. After all, prevention is better than a cure.

Most people come into our practice with a range of problems such as back pain, sciaticaneck painshoulder painheadaches/migraines and many more.

Typically, these problems do not arise out of thin air (unless you have been in an accident.) More commonly, these issues are the build up of smaller issues over time.

Like the tale of ‘The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back’ these small stressors build up and build up until BOOM, your system can not handle it anymore and all of a sudden you have an injury or a problem.

Ergonomics are a great example of how this can happen. If you sit in your car all day, or at your desk all day and these chairs are not set up correctly, it can SLOWLY cause a whole host of problems.

At Proactive Health Chiropractic, we help to educate you on the importance of correct ergonomics in the prevention of painful conditions and dysfunction. When you come to see us, we identify the areas which have been contributing to your current problems, then we help you change or eliminate them.

We provide very helpful guidance on ergonomic topics such as how to set up a desk, how to improve a car seat, what kind of sleeping positions are best and what kind of footwear to choose. This is all to proactively prevent further problems in the future.

Ask us about our in office ergonomic talks.

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