Carpal Tunnel is a condition of the wrist. It creates pain, numbness and weakness in the wrist, it can affect one or both of the hands, most often the person’s dominant hand.


Carpal Tunnel is causes by the impingement of the median nerve in your wrist. The median nerve starts in your neck and makes it way down the arm to your wrist and hand. The nerve can therefore get impinged in the neck, the shoulder, the elbow, or the wrist itself. It is our job as chiropractors to determine where the obstruction is taking place and clear it.

Here are some common causes of carpal tunnel:

  • Poor posture (head forward of shoulders)
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Shoulder problems
  • Repetitive overuse (mouse and keyboard)
  • Manual work (sewing, hammer, hairdressing)
  • Elbow Problems
  • Wrist Problem
  • Prolonged Sitting
  • Poor Sleeping position
  • Trauma to the neck or spine
  • Pregnancy

One of the biggest contributing factors to carpal tunnel is poor, forward posture. This posture increases the likelihood of obstruction of the median nerve in the neck and shoulder. Dysfunction in the cervical spine and shoulder often cause pain, numbness and weakness further ‘downstream’ at the wrist.


At Proactive Health Chiropractic we take a holistic approach to helping you. Assessing your entire body, rather than just looking at your wrist in isolation.

We are particularly interested in the function of your neck and shoulders, as these are common sites of impingement. 

In conjunction with our chiropractic adjustments we also provide you with ergonomic, nutritional and exercise advice to help prevent the problem from returning in the future. We look at your job and common daily activities which might be exacerbating the carpal tunnel and find ways to minimise their impact of your carpal tunnel. 

We are committed to helping people of all ages and body types experience a life free from pain and dysfunction. 

Our method of adjusting focuses on assessing and improving your posture. Your posture is your spinal alignment, or, how well your spinal bones balance. 

By ensuring your spine has great alignment it helps to remove the musculoskeletal imbalances often responsible for causing pain and dysfunction.


Our chiropractic method, Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABC™) focuses on improving spinal alignment and posture for people of all ages. 

To read more about ABC, click here.

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