Having trouble recovering from your workouts? Reached a plateau in your sport? Or maybe you feel like you have more to give.

Our chiropractic method might be the answer you have been looking for.


Your body is much like a car. The car’s performance is very dependent upon the car’s alignment.

If your car’s wheel alignment is ‘off’ it will hamper your car’s fuel efficiency and overall performance. Plus you are likely to notice problems elsewhere in the car, such as: trouble with the steering, braking issues, tyres wearing out fast, handling issues and your suspension may need to be replaced.

You body is no different. Only much a more complex system than a car.

Your alignment in your body is your posture, or your spinal alignment.

If your spinal alignment is ‘off’ or your posture is forward and off balance this is going to be affecting your athletic performance and overall health. Here is how:


If your posture is off balance it is going be placing significant pressure on your joints, ligaments and muscles of your body. As a result you might experience neck painback painshoulder pain, knee pain or many more. Much like how your tyres wear faster, or there is more pressure on your suspension. Your body is likely to break down.


As we just mentioned, poor posture is going to be putting added pressure and stress on many muscles and joints of your body, as a result of this constant stress injuries are more likely to occur.

For example; if your hamstring is constantly tight to compensate for your slouchy lower back, it is likely you might tear it when you start a sprint. Or if your rotator cuffs frequently tear or do not heal in a timely manner it is likely because they are under constant load due to your shoulders rounding forward.



Your posture is critical to your breathing. Oxygen is the fuel of your athletic performance.

If your posture is slouchy, your shoulders are rounded and your head sits forward, this is going to compress your entire rib cage, as a result, your lungs will not be able to expand fully, meaning less oxygen to your brain and muscles. Improving your posture through ABC chiropractic care helps your to effectively breathe, maximising the amount of available oxygen.


Finding it difficult to recover from your workouts? It is likely your posture is a big part of the problem. This has to do with your breathing and your muscular tension. As we just discussed, if your posture is forward and slouchy, you are not breathing effectively. Oxygen is essential for lactic acid removal, so if you are not getting enough it is going to take longer to clear.

Furthermore, if your posture is poor, many of your muscles are going to be under constant load to compensate and try to hold you up. If they are working overtime constantly, they will have a hard time recovering from strenuous exercise.


Every movement you make, every step you take, and every breath you have is controlled by your brain and nervous system. Your nervous system controls literally every single function in your body, by sending signals from the brain to the body.

Optimal spinal alignment and posture are critical to your overall nervous system function.

The nervous system lives inside the spine. It is the super highway where messages are constantly being fired between the brain and the body to coordinate all the amazing functions.

If your posture is forward and off balance, it is going to place added stress on your spine, and as a result place significant pressure and stress on your nervous system. This is going to hamper how well your brain is able to coordinate all your bodily functions.



At Proactive Health Chiropractic our focus is on improving your posture or spinal alignment utilising. Helping your body become more balanced allows you to heal naturally and function at your best. 

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